Solar Bollard Lights

Light bollards come equipped with solar lighting fixtures to illuminate open spaces and pathways—enhancing visibility, aesthetics and safety. Lighting is powered completely by internal solar panels, which means they require no additional trenching, hardwiring or conduits.

Light bollards feature a composite construction comprised of steel, aluminum and polycarbonate. The steel base and aluminum head ensures solid presence and durability in high-traffic areas. Steel and aluminum components are powder-coated to ensure lasting protection against the elements. Solar panels are covered in a protective polycarbonate shield, which will withstand the toughest impacts without shattering—ensuring optimal light transfer to maximize energy production.

Each bollard holds a self-contained, self-powered lighting source that requires minimal maintenance. LED bulbs are energy efficient and long-lasting—delivering 50,000 hours under normal operating conditions.

Great for you

The PLB series solar powered LED bollard is ideal for architectural and commercial pathway applications. The self-contained, stylish, contemporary design combined with high quality construction and unequalled solar powered performance make the PLB series an excellent fit where quality lighting is required.

Make It Happen

The SBL Series solar light has proved over its long to market history it is the ORIGNAL No.1 commercial grade vandal resistant solar powered bollard pole top solar pathway light or solar garden light available for solar lighting projects for residential, commercial, mining and military uses from solar pathway lighting, solar path light, solar footpath light, solar walkway light, solar drive way lighting, solar jetty lighting, solar pontoon lighting, solar landscape lighting, solar garden lighting, and so many other more.