Our Services

Road & Street Lighting

The lighting up of streets by electricity has brought a sense of security and wellbeing to our cities, towns and villages for over 125 years.

Urban Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in making neighborhoods feel safe. With our urban lighting solutions, we can increase visibility for motorists and pedestrians at night.

Shelter Lighting

Green Power PK provides the world’s most reliable solar powered shelter lighting systems. They deliver safe and environmentally friendly lighting through superior technology and design.

Solar Bollard Lights

Light bollards come equipped with solar lighting fixtures to illuminate open spaces and pathways—enhancing visibility, aesthetics and safety.

Energy Saving Street Lighting

Modern street lighting saves significant levels of energy and costs, is able to improve urban safety, enables an appealing atmosphere worth living in, and sustainably reduces CO2 emissions.


We offer our customers and channel partners a variety of accessories to help augment their lighting solutions or integrate them with ours to heighten performance.