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Many factors must be considered in planning a construction-renovation project. Whether it is to improve the building’s efficiency, build a solar passive house or installing a solar system, managing a green project can demand a lot of research and extra time.

Increase Energy Efficiency

No matter what your project is, Green Power Pakistan can help you make it greener. A large number of options exist to increase the energy efficiency of your building and the research can sometimes take a lot of time. Let us take care of it all; we’ve already made the research and the contacts.


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March 2015

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Solar Air Heating

In Green Power Pakistan, close to 75% of the annual energy consumption of a residential building is for heating and cooling the space. With a solar potential higher than average for a similar latitude, Green Power Pakistan has a definite advantage for solar heating. Very low temperature in the winter usually comes with lots of sunshine!

Great Power To Produce

Contrary to popular belief, winter sun is very powerful and allows to generate large quantities of heat. Solar air heaters take advantage of this potential with optimal output. Similar to solar hot water heating using anti-freeze piping, solar air heaters can produce up to 2000 watts of power to heat the space with forced air.

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