Greater Function

Generally installed on the roof, they capture the sun’s energy and convert it into heat through an absorber. An absorber is an ultra absorbing, non-reflecting plaque which transfers heat to the fluid, generally propylene glycol, a comestible anti-freeze.

The Brief Process

The heat gained will then be transferred to the storage tank through the heat exchanger. We will therefore be able to extract the heat gained through the sun and transfer it to the domestic hot water tank and/or the space heating system (radiant floors, hot water radiators etc.) even to geothermic wells in some cases.


Hours of Work

March 2015

Construction Date


Surface Area



Greater Life Span

The normal lifespan of a solar domestic hot water system is 25 years. A well-maintained system can certainly over last that. A proper installation of your solar hot water system will certainly help prolong the lifespan of your system and it’s associated components.

Average Cost

There are many different types of thermal solar systems which cater to different results. A start-up kit will generally start around $6,000. Contact us for a more precise evaluation for your particular needs.

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