Photovoltaic Energy

Certainly the most famous solar energy in the world, the photovoltaic energy, or pv, is getting a tremendous amount of attention, notably with our neighbors down south and in Ontario, thanks to very appealing government programs and funding for photovoltaic installations.

A Variety of Applications

There is certainly numerous very interesting applications for the photovoltaic panel that would benefit from this form of energy: An off the grid cottage, hunting and fishing cabins, garage, sheds, RV, boats etc. This form of energy is without a doubt very reliable and constantly getting more competitive.


Hours of Work

Juli 2015

Construction Date


Surface Area



Analysis of Solar Shading

Allow us to measure the solar potential of a particular site and this for a complete year. This evaluation allow us to visualize any obstacle that would be shading a location at a precise moment of the year and possibly keep a chosen site of a considerable amount of renewable energy.

Use of Simulation Software

We provide the client with a detailed report allowing us to precisely pin-point the shading and it’s effect on the energy production. We also use a solar design software along with an energy efficiency software. When entering precise information on a project, we can simulate the efficiency of a building or a solar system to be installed.

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