Customer Friendly Sales Method

We are a company that runs on sales, and we try to do our jobs as efficiently as possible. We appreciate your honesty and clarity and we will give you the same, from answering your initial questions, to designing and quoting prices, to accepting payment and shipping your products to you.

SolarWorld Solar Panels

SolarWorld Solar Panels are available with silver or black components. These modules meet our stringent SolarWorld quality standards and meet and exceed all industry standards and certifications. These panels also carry a 25-year linear warranty to guarantee maximum performance.


Hours of Work

March 2015

Construction Date


Surface Area



Seasonal Working

This is an especially timely one. With the seasons changing and winter coming soon, it’s the time of year to expect instability in the grid. Any number of things can happen that result in your home losing power, and snow and winter storms are just the beginning.

Your Solar Assets

As a company who sells directly to homeowners, we believe solar panels are an asset to your home that can increase its value, save you money, and increase your energy independence. If that’s the case, why are there companies who choose to lease you systems? Well, we hope this post sheds some light on the history of solar panel leasing.

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