Grid Tied System

Grid-tied solar electric systems generate electricity for your home or business and route the excess power into the electric utility grid for compensation from the utility company. Wholesale Solar stocks all the components and we assemble complete gridtied solar packages, so that we can offer them to you at rock-bottom prices.

Off Grid Systems

Wholesale Solar’s technicians design home power systems for both off the grid and grid-intertied systems for all areas of the country and at all price levels. The systems on this page are all “stand alone” systems, capable of producing electricity from solar energy and storing it for use when the sun is not shining.


Hours of Work

Juli 2015

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Grid-Assisted System

Grid-assisted systems are ideal for DIY folks who want to have the independence of off-grid power with the convenience of backing-up with grid-power when necessary. Wholesale Solar’s Grid-Assist Solar Power Systems are designed around pre-wired American made Inverter Power Centers and reliable battery banks.

Grid Tie Battery Backup System

All the systems on this page will continue to make use of the electricity generated by your solar panels, keeping your battery bank charged until grid power resumes. They are a great source of emergency backup power during blackouts from hurricanes, tornadoes and severe weather.

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