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Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems are completely independent of other power sources. They are usually used to power remote homes, cottages or lodges as well as in applications such as remote monitoring and water pumping. In most cases, an autonomous system will require batteries for storage. Such systems are particularly useful and cost effective for summer applications, when access to a site is difficult or costly, or when maintenance needs to be minimized.

Hybrid systems

Hybrid systems receive a portion of their power from one or more additional sources. In practice, PV modules are often paired with a wind generator or a fuel-fired generator. Such systems usually require batteries for storage.
They are most appropriate when energy demand is high (in the winter or year-round), when power must be available on demand, or if your budget is limited.

Grid-connected systems

Grid-connected systems allow you to reduce your consumption from the electricity grid and, in some instances, to feed the surplus energy back into the grid. In some cases, your utility may give you credit for the energy returned to the grid. Since power is normally stored in the grid itself, batteries are not necessary unless you want some form of autonomous power during outages. These systems are used in buildings, homes or cottages already hooked up to the electrical grid.

Services Offered

Green Power Pakistan’s scope of operations encompasses the following categories in the field of Renewable Energy:-
EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction) in utility Scale Grid Tied Solar PV Plants for Industries.

Grid Tied Solar PV Systems for Residential / Commercial / Industrial Clients.
Off-Grid / Hybrid PV Systems for Residential / Commercial / Industrial Organizations.
Rural Electrification through small Solar Systems (AC / DC)
Solar Water Pumping Solutions
Solar Hot Water Systems
Solar Street Lighting / Perimeter Lighting
LED Lighting
Specialized Installation / Troubleshooting Services.

We at Green Power Pakistan (GPP) do not just sell Solar Systems, we believe in educating
our clients. GPP create awareness so they can have a better understanding of what their
actual requirement are, it is with this belief, we hope to keep serving our clients better and
maintain the name that is a symbol of trust..

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